ListItFREE Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you get out of offering the Marketing Services for Free?

A: This program is free to you because we are able to secure buyers leads when someone calls your posting and they do not have an agent.

Q: Can ListitFree represent me as an Agent?

A: ListitFree does not perform any Real Estate Broker services for this program and thus cannot represent you in an Agency capacity. We can however, refer you to an experienced local agent from our network.

Q: Why do you need to put different Phone numbers on all my online postings?

A: In order to limit the unnecessary solicitation calls you receive from Agents, we set up a proxy phone number and provide phone answering services to screen the calls.

Q: What's the catch? Is there a surprise charge at closing?

A: There is no catch to joining this Free program. There is no charge at closing. We are able to offer it bree because our revenue comes from securing buyers leads through your posting.

Q: Are you going to pressure me into Listing my property with an Agent?

A: We have no incentive to pressure you into listing your property with an agent. In fact, because we use your postings to obtain referrals, we want you to succeed at selling your home on your own. We will refer you to an experienced local agent from our network upon request.

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